Our History

About RT Pastry

Pride in Every Bite

Being able to combine “eating” with artistic creation, every day’s work can bring myself a sense of happiness and satisfaction. What could be happier than this?

This is how the founder of RT Pastry Mr. Lu Chun-Neng (also known as Master Lu) pursuit of.

When Master Lu was young, he worked in many fields and engaged in various industries, but only in baking industry brought him a completely different new experience.

Craftmanship’ Spirit

From being familiar with every ingredient, to understand the role that various ingredients play in the baking process, and perfectly integrate these unique and individual ingredients to produce delectable cakes, breads, and pastries.

In the process of contact with the ingredients, Master Lu realized that only premium quality ingredients and putting in 100% of effort enable him to produce appetizing and delicious cakes, breads and pastries.

By using carefully selected premium quality ingredients to make various unique bakeries, we’ve let customers enjoy the smooth, tender and fragrant cakes, breads and pastries.

You will  feel the happiness lies within with just one bite. And this is the intention of RT Pastry to convey to everyone.

Keep Pursuing Perfection

In 2003, Master Lu official settled down in Malaysia from Taiwan and established the very first RT Pastry in Taman Danau Desa. This is the first Japanese & Taiwanese concept bakery shop, and it has captured the market attention in the baking industry.

Keep seeking perfection is one of the main factors for the steady growth of RT Pastry. Hence, regular training is conducted for our staff to improve their baking skills. Meanwhile we have also hired many experienced master chefs and continue to deploy state of the art machines from Taiwan and Japan for smooth operations.

Due to the high demand for premium quality and freshly baked breads from customers, we have continuously expanded our business in recent years. Until year 2022, RT Pastry has 14 outlets in Klang Valley and we will continue to grow every year.

Baked Daily

Bread and pastries are made from scratch and baked daily in our kitchen to ensure that every product is fresh, health and delicious.

Natural Ingredients

We ensure every ingredient used is wholesome and natural without adding any softener, emulsifiers and preservatives in our products.

Farm Fresh Eggs

We commit ourselves in using farm freshly produced eggs which are high in protein and nutrients.

Premium Butter

Specially selected premium imported butter by producing fragrant, delicate and flavorful products!